Senior personnel

Phase I senior personnel of the Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials at the center cyber review in March 2012.  Front row, left to right:  Joe Lyding (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Richard Drake (WUFT-FM/University of Florida), Greg Girolami (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).  Back row, left to right:  Marcus Lay (University of Georgia), David Wei (University of Florida), Scott Lockledge (Tiptek), Lisa McElwee-White (University of Florida), Anne Donnelly (University of Florida). 


Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials

The center is on a mission to make transformative advances in computing technology by developing new chemistry to wire molecules and nano-scale materials into electronic devices.


About the Center

The Center focuses on the selective growth of nanostructures for integration into molecular electronics and the organization of nanoscale circuit elements on surfaces to create junctions and functional test devices.


The Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials (CNEM) is a chemistry-driven collaboration formed on the premise that transformative advances in nanoelectronics can best be achieved by researchers with complementary expertise working together with a common purpose.  Unleashing the potential of nanostructured electronics will require new materials and new fabrication methods that allow control over the location, dimension, and orientation of each component.  CNEM’s primary goal is to develop chemistry that will enable the creation of the smallest possible electronic circuits for future generation electronic devices.  To achieve this goal, we have assembled a strong cross-disciplinary team of chemists that is augmented by investigators in closely allied fields with knowledge of engineering and industry R&D. MORE >> 

About the Center

Unleashing the potential for use of nanostructured materials in electronic devices is the goal of the CNEM.


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Faculty and Staff

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